Edita Mulliqi: AAB College is the place where the student has top priority

25 June 2019

Edita Mulliqi studied at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Journalism Department, in AAB College.

After completing her studies, Edita became part of the AAB College. She is happy to be part of the AAB College staff. The work she does is challenging, but at the same time, rewarding.

“Working at AAB College for me is a privilege, honor, and responsibility. Working with such well-prepared academic and administrative staff is a great pleasure.

The academic staff consists of names that have proven themselves and are successful in their professions, and they never hesitate to share their professional experiences with students.

As a student, this fact has motivated us and pushed our ambitions towards success. “Edita said. Edita thanks AAB College, her family and the friends she met during her studies, for her successes.