Edon Ibrahimi graduate of AAB, volleyball team coach in Hungary

16 August 2022

Edon Ibrahimi, former student of AAB College, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, has paved the way for successful graduates, where immediately after their studies achieve results in their careers.

He has been chosen as the coach of the volleyball team “CoreComm-VESC Röplabda” in Hungary, thus marking a great success in the professional aspect.

Edon, who used to be part of the “Kastrioti” volleyball club from Ferizaj, has now signed a 3-year contract with one of the most popular Hungarian teams.

“The easiest and most professional path to success passes through the doors of AAB College”, said Edon while expressing his gratitude and gratefulness to the academic staff, and the great commitment during the years of study.

“Thanks to graduating from AAB College at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, I will now lead one of the most popular volleyball teams in Hungary. In addition, many new projects are waiting for me, which are expected to become official soon”, said Edon.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at AAB College offers studies at two levels, bachelor’s and master’s, while enabling graduates to apply the lessons and skills in the labor market, both inside and outside the country.

The programs offered within this faculty are Physical Education and Sports (Bachelor and Master) as well as Fitness and Nutrition (Master).