26 March 2021
Kolegji AAB

The Vice Rector for International Cooperation and Relations, Venera Llunji, was part of a virtual forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce, which discussed the need for education reform and the lack of skills of young people graduating from higher education.

This virtual forum discussed the high unemployment rate among young people in our country, despite the high number which are enrolled in or have completed their university education. According to the panelists, this fact is an indicator that reflects the discrepancy between the skills offered by the education system and those required by employers. 

Vice Rector Llunji, when addressing the issue of skill discrepancy, stressed that in such a situation no one factor can be blamed specifically for the skill gap, because all levels of the education system are interconnected links. She also touched on the disturbing situation of education in Kosovo, where she said that it has dropped drastically at every level, citing the so-called functional illiteracy as a very negative factor present in Kosovo.

According to Llunji, it is good to have cooperation between educational institutions and businesses, in order to identify market demands and create educational programs that match it.