Egzon Thaqi,has graduaded from AAB College and continues successfully his master studies at Sheffied’s University

25 February 2017
Egzon Thaqi, who obtained bachelor degree in  Banking and Finance at the Faculty of Economics,at AAB College has started master studies at the University of Sheffield in Thessaloniki, Greece, thanks to the sholarship gained from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST).
Egzoni, has graduated  successfully at AAB College has already continued with such success in master studies as well ,by finishing the first semester in the program of Banking and Finance at the University of Sheffield.
He among others narrates the experiences of his studies at AAB College , and says that he is very pleased with the gained  knowledge at AAB and that has been part of this institution. “The main bases of the studies I have reached  from AAB, thanks to professors who  worked hard with us, thanks to the library which was all the time at our disposal, and thanks to the adequate environment  and comfortable infrastucture “, said Egzon Thaqi, adding that good conditions of AAB were the main reasons to  continue his studies abroad.
He proudly notes that the conditions of studies offered by the University of Sheffield in Greece are similar to that of AAB College, as infrastructure and collaboration with academic staff and with students for different organizations  etc ..