Ema Andrea: “Prishtina International Theater Festival” cannot be missed

7 December 2018

The second night of “Prishtina International Theater Festival” brings the performance “Mother and Child” directed by Dino Mustafiq and played by Ema Andrea and Matia Llupa.

During the media conference, lead actress Ema Andrea expressed her joy of being part of this festival. She also added that this festival shows serious dedication in bringing wonderful performances to the public and it should not be missed.

Matia Llupa was also present during the conference, where he stated that the play itself encompasses his love, pain and all his emotions.

This play can be attended tonight at PITF2018, 19:00.

You can attend this play by purchasing a ticket for 3 euro, or a festival pass for 10 euro which gives you access to all the following shows as well.