Erasmus + Mobility: the AAB College students were trained in Cyprus and Albania

20 January 2016

Rita Nushi, Alfred Çoça,  Ilirjana Vrapca and Shehida Elezi, are currently pursuing the studies of the second year at the Faculty of Law of AAB College, through the Europian Union Project, Erasmus+Mobility.

For a consecutive week, Nushi, Çoça and Vrapca were the first and only students so far from Kosovo, that attended the training “Embracing multi medial for human rights education”, in Durres of Albania. While student Shehida Elezi was part of the training for entrepreneurship in Cyprus.

 “From this training we have acquired knowledge about the use of multimedia, on the promotion of human rights and universal rights, for the project Erasmus+, and we met different cultures of the countries that have participated.” said Rita Nushi.

 “In general we have obtained knowledge about how we shall take our first steps towards entrepreneurship, how to start a work plan related to entrepreneurship, but above all how to succeed in this field” said Shehida Elezi.

Attendees of the training conducted in Durres were also students from Albania, England, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, while in Cyprus, students from Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Macedonia, England, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Georgia, United Kingdom.

At the end of the training all student participants were certified on certain areas.