Ermir Gashi, student, successfully creates Sonar Radar

11 April 2019

Student Ermir Gashi created a functional Sonar Radar for his class project in Computer Graphics and Image Processing.

Ermir has created a simple radar model using Arduino and Processing.

This project was implemented with the help of Processing IDE which is a graphical presentation software.

The radar is a system that uses long range radio waves to set certain parameters of an object, such as range, speed, and position.

Radar technology is used on aircrafts, missiles, weather forecasts, cars, and much more. This project is based on Sonar technology, since an ultra-sonic sensor is used to determine the presence of any object in a given range. In this project, Arduino was used to read data from the ultra-sonic MPU-6050 sensor and send them to “Processing IDE” via the Serial Communication port.

Information is taken from the ultra-sonic sensor with the help of Arduino, which in turn, sends it into IDE Processing where a simple graphical application is applied to imitate a Sonar Radar.