EU expects results for demarcation, Kosovo decides whether to renegotiate or not,said Apostolova at AAB

22 May 2017

Head of the European Union Office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova, held a  lecture for students  of AAB College and re-emphasised  that demarcation is the main condition for visa liberalization and one of  the two remaining conditions [demarcation and fighting corruption v.].

She also added that demarcation has been a very technical issue, but it turned  out to be a political one: “The demarcation was a more technical issue, there was a committee made up of international experts, based on many research and scientific analysis, with the people of the civil society of political parties, they have set the boundary. Montenegro has ratified this agreement. On the part of Kosovo, from a very technical issue has turned into something very political. This is the painful truth that this issue has been politicized, “the EU chief in Kosovo praised.

As for the possibility that Kosovo may lose its territory and a possible renegotiation between the parties could be an option after the new legislation in Kosovo, Apostolova said that the EU will accept any solution that comes between Kosovo and Montenegro for demarcation.

Apostolova also spoke about beforehand elections to be held in Kosovo. Referingto the selection of candidates on the lists of political parties,suspected of illegal acts in the country, she said that she would like to have power in this matter, but she does not.

At the end of this lecture, a debate between EU chief Natalia Apostolova and students from AAB College was held.