European expert Henk de Pauw delivers lecture for AAB College students

11 December 2019

Within the framework of the European Union project Free Movement of Goods, students of the Faculty of Economics, had the opportunity to be part of an informative lecture by the leader of this project, Mr. Henk de Pauw.

The lecture held today addressed the topic of Consumer Protection, explaining in detail the forms of abuse done to consumers and how to combat them. The lecture discussed the legal aspects of consumer protection and the closure of institutions that do not comply with the articles mentioned in this law.

Senior legal expert Henk de Pauw spoke about the rights each consumer has under the law, comparing the function of this law in EU member states and Kosovo, with a focus on online loans and purchases.

“The consumer law that operates in Kosovo contains eight to ten EU directives, including loans. This law protects all those who in one form or another are deliberately or unconsciously deceived by an institution acting against their interests. What we do not allow is institutions to deceive people when applying for loans. In European countries loans can also be obtained online, while in Kosovo I have noticed that this form of loan or online shopping is not as practiced.” said de Pauw.

He also spoke about the difference between consumer protection and product safety: “I want to remind you not to confuse the concept of consumer protection with product safety. The first has to do with the contractual relationship between the buyer and the dealer, and the second with the physical part which means the physical security of the product.”

During this lecture, bachelor and master students from the Faculty of Economics of AAB College had the opportunity to debate and ask questions pertaining to the field they are studying in.

The Kosovo Consumer Protection Law has entered into force in 2018 and as such may apply to non-compliant institutions.