Exhibition Of Students Of The Faculty Of Architecture And Arts Opens At AAB College

25 May 2018

Today, at the AAB College Theater “Faruk Begolli”, a traditional collective exhibition of students of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts was held. The exhibition opened with an artistic program organized by students of arts programs.

The opening of the exhibition was announced by the Vice Rector for Science, Prof. Shemsedin Vehapi, who in his speech praised the work of the students.

According to him, this exhibition demonstrates in the best way possible the didactic concept in action, which is promoted in AAB College.

“The organization of this exhibition is very significant and important because it demonstrates in the best way the fulfillment of the didactic concept that is promoted at AAB College; a concept that aims to link theoretical knowledge with the development of practical skills which are demonstrated through the realization of creative works, which in this case have an artistic character, “said Vehapi.

The works of the Student Exhibition were met with praise by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Shyqri Nimani who said that as a lecturer of many generations in AAB College, it is a great pleasure to see such advancements in all fields of art.

“Today we are witnessing an exhibition which comes as a crown achievement after all these years where different generations have graduated, where artists have emerged, where careers were started and we can be proud not only as a University but also as professors of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture.

There is no greater satisfaction for pedagogues when they see their work bearing fruit and seeing art advance.” said Prof. Nimani in front of many students.

In this exhibition, select works of students of different visual arts are found on display, such as architecture and interior, graphic design, advertising graphics, illustration, advertising graphics, multimedia, photography, painting, conceptual art, etc.

At the end of the opening of the exhibition, seeing the work of students and their commitment, AAB College awarded a number of students with the “Best Paper of the academic year” 2017/18 award.

For all interested, the exhibition is open in the building II of AAB College.