Professional Graphic Design

Aim and program profile

The BA professional program in Graphic Design is a three-year program that aims to train students in the design industry as well as to integrate them into multidisciplinary products. The mission of the study program is to provide a comprehensive and basic education to students who are interested in pursuing a career in the design market through innovative teaching methodologies and practices that are in line with the most contemporary trends.

The mission of the BA professional program in Graphic Design is to prepare the next generation of graphic design professionals to shape the quality and condition of the design industry through design excellence and commitment to advancing the profession.

In implementing the BA professional program in Graphic Design mission, we are committed to creating a school-wide culture supporting the following University’s values:

Collaborative: We foster a culture that values and rewards collaboration at all levels of the university: across disciplines; among faculty, staff, and students; with other universities and institutions; and those we serve.

Creative: We nurture ingenuity throughout all areas of the university by creating a culture that encourages excellence, risk-taking, and an open-minded approach to challenges in the market, while also recognizing and rewarding emerging talent professionals and ingenuity.

Innovative: We innovate in the classroom, labs, and studios through discovery and engagement with the community. Innovative thinking across the college can help solve the nowadays challenges in graphic design, especially in professional terms.

Transformative: We are a catalyst for transformation; a force for good that changes lives and makes a significant, positive impact on the graphic design community.

Expected learning outcomes

Expected learning outcomes professional Graphic Design program are:

To demonstrate an understanding of the design process, critical thinking skills, research methodologies, and creative ideation as a means of problem-solving and enhancing visual communication

-develop a thorough understanding of the form and function of typography and methodologies for successfully communicating ideas, narratives, concepts, and/or identities through various media.

-demonstrate an understanding of the history, theory, and criticism of graphic design and the impact that historical analysis plays in contemporary practice.

-skillfully employ the tools and technology that will prepare them for design practice and management in collaborative environments.

-Interpret the social, moral, and ethical consequences of their design decisions and work to become socially and culturally responsible decision-makers within the larger global community.

-demonstrate through design ideas, capacities to expand the accepted norms of creative practice;

-use design mechanisms to analyze, debate, and discuss issues that affect the solution of problems that exist in the Kosovo market;

– articulation in the development of the principle of personal experience in design and the point of view that has been influenced by the work of others in practice;

-skills in managing design practice and teamwork;

-ability to expand the level of knowledge based on the development of new applications;

Academic level and degree content

Bachelor (BA)-Dizajn Grafik Profesional

Duration of studies and workload

Studimet në Programin Dizajni Grafik Profesional, zgjasin 3 vite, 180 ECTS me gjithsej 6 semestra.

Secili semestër duhet të plotësojë kuotën e 30 per Semester, respektivisht 60 per vit akademik