Faculty of economics of AAB College signed a cooperation agreement with KOSTT

5 May 2016

Faculty of Economics of AAB College and the transmission system of the Republic of Kosovo (KOSTT) signed a cooperation agreement, which aims to create betterconditions for students of the Faculty of Economy of AAB College to complete practical training in this institution and other professional activities, which serve for the students and both institutions.

The agreement was signed at the premises of KOSTT from u.d. Dean of the Faculty of Economy of AAB College Media Hashani, and Executive Officer Chief, Mustafa Hasani.

Mr.Hashani, while thanking KOSST for the signing of this memorandum, said that this is a good opportunity for the students of AAB College, transferring their theoretical knowledge in practice, but also to take advantage of new practical knowledge from realization of this practice in KOSTT.

While, Executive Officer Chief of KOSTT, Mustafa Hasani, said that the purpose of signing this memorandum is to promote vocational training of AAB College students in fields related to KOSTT.