Faculty of Economics organizes quiz for all the AAB College campuses

19 May 2022

The Faculty of Economics has organized a quiz for the students from the three campuses of AAB College. The purpose of this quiz was to socialize and connect the students of different campuses and to distribute academic and professional experiences among students and academic staff.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics Prof. Medain Hashani, spoke on behalf of this event, saying that the Faculty of Economics is constantly trying to offer students various projects of extracurricular activities which have an impact on advancing their knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of Economics and Business.

The quiz was divided into two rounds. The first round consisted of questions in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics for Economics and Business, and Management and Marketing, while the second round was entailed identifying successful business leaders and giving brief descriptions of their achievements and contributions to economics.

The team from the Campus of Prishtina was composed of Fationa Geci, Donat Fuga, Gent Sejdija and Bardha Abdullahu; the team from the Campus of Ferizaj consisted of Saranda Feta, Kreshnik Raqi, Liridon Rexhaj, Rina Murseli; and finally, the team from the Campus of Gjakova consisted of Delvina Gjuraj, Drilon Kerleshi, Floralba Rama, Blerina Hasanramaj.

At the end of the quiz, the commission composed of Prof. Adelina Gashi, Prof. Arbëresha Behluli and Prof. Blerta Haliti Baruti highly appreciated the students’ knowledge and announced that, even though it was a close race, the Prishtina Campus emerged victorious.