Faculty of English Language organizes annual recital on World English Day

24 April 2023
The Faculty of English holds the annual recital for World English Language Day

The fifth recital was held by the English Language Faculty on the occasion of the World English Language Day, where talented students from this faculty showed their creative side, while Vice-Rector Shemsedin Vehapi congratulated them, adding that AAB College always supports student activities. The protagonists in this event of poetry and songs were the talented students of this faculty like: Bege Gashi, Emir Aliu, Altin Mulaj, Albesa Sopaj, Andrina Ademaj, Leon Ramadani, Lavdim Nika and Rea Loci.

The Dean of the Faculty of English Language, Aida Alla, thanked the students who conveyed emotions, as she emphasized that the academic staff is proud of them. The award for the best performer, named after the former student Adonita Kadriaj, was given to Bege Gashi, while the award for the best poem was given to student Emir Aliu.