Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences organizes discussion panel for persons with down syndrome

22 March 2022

As part of World Down Syndrome Day, the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Social Sciences organized a panel discussion for their students.

In this panel, the representatives of Down Syndrome Kosova Association, Ermira Shabani and Dionis Ferataj, as well as the professor of AAB College, Vjollca Berisha, discussed the projects, challenges and involvement of people with Down Syndrome.

The discussants unanimously emphasized that much has been done against the educational and professional inclusion of people with special needs in our country, but the main burden for supporting and empowering this category still falls upon non-governmental organizations and civil society, since state institutions have not yet show serious commitment to helping children with special needs.

Finally, Dionis Ferataj, of the DSK association, and the bearer of chromosomal trisomy, spoke about his diligent work within the association, which showed the capacity of people with Down syndrome to make social and professional contributions.