Faculty of Social Sciences at AAB College organizes lecture on “Logopedia in Kosovo”

12 December 2019

In a lecture organized at AAB College by the Faculty of Social Sciences, the role of the speech therapist in Kosovo was discussed where students of this faculty had the opportunity to be informed about their cooperation with Kosovo professional speech therapists.

Speaking in the capacity of an expert in the field, therapeutic science expert Miran Xhelili explained about the stages of language development and the symptoms of the children who need a speech therapist. He said that logopedia is the branch that deals with the education, treatment, social adjustment and integration of children with speech disorders. “The symptoms that characterize speech therapy are: irregularity or stuttering and voice disorders,” Xhelili said.

Whereas, Mrs. Luljeta Kabashi, who is also a logopede talked about logopedics as a science and the history of its development in Kosovo.

Logopedia was recognized as a science in 1913, Kabashi said. “The first logopedics cabinet in Kosovo was opened in 1970 in Mitrovica. Our profession is independent, but we cooperate with psychologists, special educators and otorhinolaryngologists” she said.

During this lecture, in addition to the students, teachers of the AAB College Care and Social Welfare program also participated, where a discussion session with the invited participants and panelists was held.