Family members of director Besim Sahataçiu visited the photography exhibition “Besim Sahatçiu – life and work”

22 October 2021

Within the manifestation of “October of Besim Sahatçiu”, which is taking place with various activities, the wife of director Sahatçiu, Mrs. Besa Sahatçiu, accompanied by her son Bekim Sahatçiu, who lives and works in London, visited AAB College today.

On this occasion, they were received in a meeting by Rector Bujar Demjaha with his associates, while they also visited the photography exhibition “Besim Sahatçiu – life and work”, which is open at AAB College. “We had these photographs and we still have them in our homes, but to see them exposed in this form gives us a special emotion and it is a return to our past”, said Bekim Sahatçiu.

The relatives of the director Sahatçiu, thanked AAB College once again for the initiative for this activity and for, as they said, bringing to life the name of Besim Sahatçiu.

The activities and suggestions for the further activities and the coordination of their occurrence were also discussed at the meeting.