The first generation of students of Dentistry and Radiology at AAB College, happy and proud with their selection

25 October 2017

The new academic year at AAB College has started with two new programs in the medical field: Dentistry and Radiology.

In new working environments, with infrastructure and laboratories equipped with the latest technology the dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Astrit Kuçi, besides wishing qualitative studies, said that “you as students should feel privileged because you will study in the largest and best non-public institution in the region.”

The dean of the Faculty of Radiology, Bujar Gjikolli, also welcomed the new students, welcoming them to work hard to have a bright future.

All the students present, happy and proud of their choice, expressed that studies and research work would be vital for them which in the future will reap success in their professions.