Five students of AAB College are continuing their studies in Norway within the Erasmus + Exchange Program

16 September 2021

Erza Idrizaj, Medline Geci, Yllza Morina, Ardijane Dobratiqi and Albulena Mavraj, are five students of AAB College who are continuing their master studies in Norway within the Erasmus + student exchange program.

For one academic semester they have already become part of the NLA-NLA College Mediehøgskolen Gimlekollen, in the department of Global Journalism.

All our students expressed their enthusiasm and excitement for their journey abroad for master studies. The emotion is impenetrable considering it will be a special experience. We thank AAB College for the opportunity, they said.

In addition to the lectures and exercises they are attending at NLA College, where they had the opportunity to meet well-known students and journalists from around the globe who are part of the program, AAB students also met Kosovo’s Ambassador to Norway, Mr. Uliks Emra, who congratulated them for their success and commitment, because as he said, with their work, they not only benefit in personal terms and professional development, but also contribute to the dignified representation and strengthening of the image of Kosovo.

Erza, Medlina, Yllza, Ardijana and Albulena have also given a message to all those who have not yet decided where to study, to choose AAB College and to take advantage of the many opportunities that AAB offers to students in relevant fields, among of which is also the opportunity of exchange in well-known European universities.