Former AAB College student, entrepreneur Drin Berisha, discusses his successful business journey with students

12 November 2021

Entrepreneur Drin Berisha of Kema Pak company from Ferizaj was the next guest in the discussion with the students of AAB College in the Ferizaj branch.

In this discussion held in the framework of the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the entrepreneur Drin Berisha talked about the beginnings of his idea for the creation of such a packaging enterprise.

He explained the founding of this company by saying that there is no such packaging company in Kosovo, and product packaging services are always imported from countries in the region, at a much higher cost.

What inspired Drin the most to initiate this business was the idea of creating new jobs and giving young people the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they gained during their studies.

Berisha also spoke about the challenges he has faced as a manufacturing company, where he mentioned the pandemic, Covid-19, which complicated customs procedures, and in turn affected the performance of the company.

However, according to him, they are working hard so they can utilize recycled paper in order to reduce the need for importing the raw materials for packaging from other countries.

Drin, as a former student of AAB College, showed once again that from AAB College come students prepared for the labor market who have all the skills to become very successful. Drin also had a motivational message for the students, saying: “Never give up despite what difficulties you face. Work hard to realize your dreams”.