Former Dutch Ambassador Robert Bosch launched the campaign “Legal Migration”, for students of the AAB College

6 March 2017

Robert  Bosch,  annouced Doctor Honoris Causa from AAB College, and former Dutch ambassador in Kosovo, is back ar the AAB to give a lecture to students within the awarning campaign of  the EU program for legal migration.

In a conversation with students,  he elaborated the importance of this campaign, as an expert of migration issues, z. Bosch has informed students that the idea of ​​this program is to consult all parties not to emigrate illegally. He announced that EU students in contrast to Syria and Iran, Balkan countries are categorized as safe places, so asylum in the EU is not possible.

He spoke about the legal possibilities that EU countries offer to work there by having working visas. While, in terms of visa liberalization, former Ambassador Bosch said that, even after liberalization, those who want to travel to EU countries are able to stay 90 days and have no right to work, because according to him this is illegal.

The program for illegal migration is a project of the EU in Kosovo,which already has started its campaign yesterday. This campaign can be found on facebook ‘Myplace_ourhome_kosovo “, part of which could also be those who want only to send a video on the topic of what they like in Kosovo.