Former Student Arnisa Aliqkaj, founder of “Myelin Ops”, shares her success with students of AAB College

24 April 2024
Former student Arnisa Aliqkaj, founder of "Myelin OPS", shares her successes with the students of AAB College

Arnisa Aliqkaj, founder of the “Myelin OPS” consulting agency, also a former student of the Faculty of Psychology at AAB College, has shared her journey up to now with other students.

She told in detail about all the commitments she has had in different workplaces as a consultant, project manager and project advisor. Arnisa’s story was encouraging for other students, serving as motivation for their future and achieving their goals.

Studies at the Faculty of Psychology were an inevitable catalyst in Arnisa’s professional advancement, for which she left a special space in career building and the help they provided.

After several years of experience, Arnisa decided to open her own company “Myelin OPS”, where she would offer advice as an organizational psychologist to help others find their place in organizational structures.

Arnisa told the students that they can easily achieve success if they show the right commitment and follow their studies, while adding that professional internships are always welcome to create experiences that lead to the first steps of a career.