Former student of AAB College, now lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, shares his success story in “Alumni Talk”

27 December 2022

The promotion of successful students of AAB College, which is done by the Career Center, this time brought the student Rilind Çoçaj. He completed his studies at the Bachelor’s level at the Faculty of Architecture of AAB College, to continue at the Politecnico di Milano at Master’s level and now his doctorate studies in Venice, Italy in the program of architectural composition.

Rilind’s entire success began when he was about to apply for studies at the Master’s level, having the opportunity to be admitted to the universities of 4 different cities, but he chose Milan. In addition to completing his studies at the Politecnico di Milano, Rilind worked as a lecturer at this university, and now he has earned the title of Doctor of Science.

During the lecture at “Alumni Talk”, he talked about the challenges he had during his studies, emphasizing that it is a pleasure to share his experience with other students, to understand how AAB College has been one of his motivational pillars and the starting point of success.

Rilind Çoçaj is already engaged as a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of AAB College.