French ambassador in Kosovo, Maryse Daviet: “you are an independent country – you should solve the crises yourself!”

14 January 2016

The French ambassador in Kosovo Maryse Daviet held a lecture for the AAB students with the topic “French foreign policy”.

  state-building of France since the middle Ages, the French Revolution, two world wars, as well as French foreign policy.

She did not forget to mention the current processes which our country is facing and said that a political solution in the country can only come from the people of Kosovo and its political leaders.

“I see that international supervision is now over and is a very good step for Kosovo. Now it is a sovereign and independent country. You should solve the crises yourselves. Of course that should count in most EU countries and the US. You should have good relations with Serbia which is the biggest neighboring country, then to Albania, but remember that you are an independent country and this is your flag“said Ambassador Daviet.

She said that the biggest problem of Kosovo continues to be the corruption, and although there is a contractual relationship with the EU,with this degree of corruption, according to her, it is hard to move forward.

When speaking about state systems, she said that all EU member states have different systems, but are all democratic countries: “The system that we have in France for me is the best for France,but you must know whether the system that is in France is the best for you too. The guarantee of the system in France, is what guarantees stability,” said Daviet.

Regarding the recent events in the country,the French diplomat said the protests are legitimate, but violence is not legitimate, and a solution to the problem will come from political leaders. French diplomat added that the negotiations with Serbia are not to the detriment of the people of Kosovo, but it is in the interest of Kosovo.”Kosovo is not a colony, and the dialogue with Serbia is not against Kosovo’s national interests. I do not want to preach, but must refer to the relations of mycountry with Germany that were century conflicts…Now these two countries promote Europe. Dialogue is the best way to protect your national interests and to ensure the integration process, “said the French Ambassador in Kosovo, MaryseDaviet during the discussion with students of AAB.