French Ambassador, DidierChabert: “The demarcation of the border with Serbia was not requested because it would be notional. The demarcation of the border with Montenegro should not be a problem for Kosovo”

25 April 2017

French Ambassador to Kosovo, Sh. T. Didier Chabert, in front of students of AAB College held a lecture about public diplomacy and the French political system. He has revealed details of French Republic founding and the current political system emphasising French diplomacy and its relations with EU. The influence of France to Kosovo where the topics of this lecture where students focused most.The ambassador Chabert also talked about the territorial integrity of Kosovo, the demarcation of the border with Montenegro,about the issue of former Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Ramush Haradinaj, etc.

Chabert said that for France, Kosovo is a fully sovereign country with all the rights of an independent country: “For me, Kosovo is a fully sovereign country. We are the second country in Europe (after Germany) that we have recognized Kosovo’s independence, even before the United States. For us, Kosovo is a country that has all the provisions of an independent country. ” As for the issue of visa liberalization for Kosovars, the French Ambassador has emphasized that the criteria set by the European Union on this issue coincide with the time when Kosovo has gained the right and prospect for the start of EU integration processes. He said that the demarcation of the border with Montenegro should not be the problem for Kosovo and for more he blames the deputies of the Kosovo Assembly for non-violation of this agreement: “… I think that Montenegro is a friend of Kosovo, Which has received about 1 million Kosovars during the war.

I therefore consider that there should not be any obsatcle in demarcating the border with a friendly state, such as Montenegro. No one has set any condition for demarcation of the border with Serbia because we know it would not be realistic, and if this condition was not fulfilled then you adress this issue to your depities and do not ask from EU the answer because they do not vote in the Kosovo Parliament but vote for your elect! So if you’re worried why this condition has not been met then you have the address where to go, added Chabert.

During the meeting with the French Ambassador, students also asked him about the former Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Ramush Haradinaj, who was detained by French authorities after a warrant issued by Serbia. Related to this,French ambassador said that Mr Haradinaj is being held on the basis of a warrant that does not correspond to the first two times for which Mr. Haradinaj has been found guilty. This mandate arrest includes another time period and other indictments, so the French judiciary was obliged to review it. Perhaps we should better deal with the issue of why these leaflets were not issued by Serbia, from other countries, said ambassador Didier Chabert.

AAB students’ meetings with ambassadors from different countries in Kosovo have already become traditional. The following days among AAB students are expected to come other diplomats from other states as well.