From October 27-29, 2022, a scientific conference on Forensic Sciences will be held at AAB College

25 October 2022

In cooperation with the Balkan Academy of Forensic Sciences at AAB College from October 27-29, 2022,
the 13th annual Conference of Forensic Sciences will be held.
Over 100 participants from around the world, such as Great Britain, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Germany,
Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and
Kosovo will be part of the six sessions of this conference as well as three special professional workshops
that will be held during the days of the conference.
In addition to the invited figures from the academic and scientific fields, politicians from our country will
also participate in the opening of the conference.
The main speakers at this conference will be prominent names of forensic sciences from around the
world, such as: Ashraf Mozayani, professor from Texas Southern University, USA; Duarte Nuno Vieira,
professor from the University of Coimbra, Portugal; Isabel Riege, deputy head of Interpol in Germany;
Jason Payne-James of the Royal College of Physicians, Great Britain; Dr. John Clark, forensic pathologist
from Great Britain; Virginia A. Lynch, forensics expert from the USA.
More details about the topics and research that will be presented at this conference can be found at this