Fullbright two-week project with cyber services specialist Dr. William Butler at AAB College successfully concludes

3 December 2019

With an open lecture held at AAB College for students and other interested parties in this field, American cyber security expert, head of the Department of Cyber Security at Capitol University of Technology, USA. William Butler concluded his two-week visit to AAB College as part of the project “Cyber Security Challenges in Developing Countries”.

This project and Prof. Butler’s stay at AAB College was implemented in support of the Fullbright Program and was backed by the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Kosovo.

At the last TALK meeting, in addition to students and academic staff, other interested persons in the field of cyber security participated, discussing the identification of key elements of national cyber security in Kosovo, strategies to be followed to raise awareness of the population as well as enhancing the capabilities of professionals in the field of cyber security in Kosovo to better respond to cyber threats.

96% of US Army data is protected by private companies, while only 4% by Army staff itself, said Dr. Butler, so this discussion was also considered important for participants in encouraging young people to get involved in cyber security. 

At the end, attendees raised various questions related to cyber security and privacy, to which Butler answered “we are in the age of surveillance so we are monitored from all sides.”