German Clinic Agaplesion AG Professionals assess nursing students’ skills and knowledge at AAB College

5 December 2019

One of the most important partners of the Faculty of Nursing, Clinic “Agaplesion AG”, which is one of the most important clinics in Germany, stayed for a working visit at AAB College.

On this occasion, the delegation consisting of Ms. Bordi (Recruitment Personnel Manager), Ms. Mauritz, Ms. Muelle and Mr. Vacek, all three in the positions of Nursing Directors, in addition to meeting with academic staff and Nursing students at AAB College, also visited the Central Intensive Care Unit at UCCK, where our students are doing their internships. The representatives had the opportunity to see closely and evaluate the work of the clinical mentors and our students at UCCK, for which they expressed the highest appreciation of the practical work progress and the way the curriculum was organized and implemented.

Most important in this visit is that German experts evaluated the skills and knowledge of AAB College students and reinforced the conviction that the co-operation directives were very fruitful.

AAB College considers the practical work as an essential part for the development and reflection of itself as a credible institution that provides many employment opportunities. These concretized initiatives are reflected by the great results our students are showing during the stage of preparing and acquiring theoretical and practical skills. Partnership agreements with our partners are being implemented with enhanced quality; this long-term goal of vision that follows the hierarchy of principles in which the faculty of nursing finds its support.