German Health Minister Jens Spahn met students of AAB College

16 July 2019

In the framework of the visit to Kosovo and the meetings with the highest state leaders, German Health Minister Jens Spahn also met with students from the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College.

During the meeting with the German Minister, AAB students shared their experience during the studies at the most prestigious higher education institution in the country, and talked about the practical vocational training they are receiving either through the faculty or through the Program for Career and Employment, which is exclusively offered at AAB College.

They explained to Minister Spahn that they are already in intensive preparations to so that they can provide the best professional services possible to the german employers that they signed contracts with. German Minister Jens Spahn also discussed the establishment of bilateral cooperation in the field of health, the certification of doctors, nurses, the establishment of medical services and the improvement of medical education by increasing the capacities of Kosovo in providing medical services to the German and European markets.

Through the Career and Employment Program, which is offered in conjunction with German healthcare companies and the Lingua Language Institute, hundreds of students are already underway to join the healthcare system in Germany as field professionals.

What makes this agreement more special is the recognition of the diploma of the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College, for all candidates who have completed their secondary education, which is not provided by other institutions.