German nursing license, a possibility for those who study at AAB College

21 September 2021

Elona Musliu and Flaka Prebreza are two graduates of the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College who have already found employment and have been rewarded with a German nursing license.

Elona and Flaka, besides their professional training, and being part of the Career and Employment Program, have also gained the opportunity to partake in the German nursing license exam, an opportunity which is given to all AAB College students of the Faculty of Nursing.

The opportunity to achieve a B2 level of German besides quality university studies for a career that is in high demand in Germany is unique in Kosovo, and is only offered at AAB College through the Lingua Institute, which is part of the CEP (Career and Employment Program).

Following their studies at AAB College and the Career and Employment Program, dozens of young individuals have found employment in well-known German clinics where they are contributing professionally, and even being distinguished as outstanding employees and valued for their high professionalism.

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