German Professional School GCC, leader of accredited professional programs

22 September 2017

The National Qualifications Authority, after the completion of the Professional School assessment process, the German Competence Center (GCC), part of AAB College, has positively assessed and accredited 15 professional programs of this Professional School.

This school, in addition to offering the largest number of professional programs, also brings the most unique programs at this level of education.

The programs that will be offered by the German Professional School, the German Center of Competence, are:

– Network and IT security system administrator (2 year program),

– Professional Programmer (2 year program),

– Cyber Security Specialist (2 year program),

– Road Transport (1 year program),

– Road Traffic (1 year program),

– Customs Officer (1 year program),

– Aesthetics (1 year program),

– Hairdresser (1 year program),

– Manicure (3 month program),

– Pedicure (3 month program),

– Makeup (6 month program),

– Administrative Assistant (1 year program),

– Tourist and Travel Information Agent (1 year program),

– Seller (1 year program), and

– Supplier (1 year program)

All candidates who have completed secondary education are eligible to enroll in these programs, even if they have not completed their matriculation exam. At the end of the program, attendees will be provided with Certificates accredited by the National Qualification Authority, certificates which are also recognized internationally.

Candidates interested in these programs can enroll in the premises of AAB College, while the teaching process starts from November of this year.

For more details about the GCC please click on the official link: