German state and donors continue supporting the Library of AAB College

20 January 2016

At the invitation of the MOW organisation, director of the Library of AABCollege, Urim Sallauka, spent several days in Germany, where he attended meetings with important academic personalities, discussing about the opportunities of cooperation and various donations from the German state towards the Library ofAAB.

Sallauka also had a meeting with Professor Gerhard Roetting, who had earlier visited the Library of AAB College and met with the staff and our students.

“Professor Roetting also has donated to our library earlier, and now the meetings I had with him and with various donors, I was promised that the German state and German donors will help our library with diverse literature, with the purpose of helping the students and researchers, “said Sallauka.

Also earlier the Library of AAB has been the beneficiary of books’ titles in German and Albanian language (translations), from the German government and donors.