Gisht by Doruntina Basha, performed at the Chamber Theater of AAB College

16 February 2022

As the continuation of joint activities with the Embassy of France and the French alliance, Last night at the Chamber Theater of AAB College, the drama “Gisht” by Doruntina Basha was broadcast live to SADC (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers) in Paris.

Gisht tells the story of two women, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, who ten years after the disappearance of their husbands in the Kosovo war still live together, having lost all desire to live, and being unable to properly mourn for their lost family.

The story embodies as much loneliness and longing for the missing and the killed as it does hope, and the power of fantasy and the belief that life must continue regardless of its tragedies.

This drama brings emotion to the fore by touching on real events that the author had heard about from family members who were victims during the war.