Graduates of “Hivzi Sulejmani” HIGH SCHOOL are trained for “Java” programming language at AAB College

13 February 2024
Graduates of the high school "Hivzi Sulejmani" are trained in the programming language "Java" at the AAB College

Today, several weekly trainings for the “Java” programming language have begun, which will be held with the graduates of the “Hivzi Sulejmani” high school, organized by the Faculty of Computer Science.

The dean of this faculty, Jusuf Qarkaxhija, greeted the students, adding that the training for an important programming language such as “Java” will prepare each of them who wants to start studying computer science.

The students present were in large numbers, while the two lecturers Agnesa Bajgora and Donjeta Bajgora expressed their satisfaction that they will accompany them during these trainings, with the conviction that they will master the knowledge they receive and understand from a different perspective the ways in which technology works.

The same trainings were held a little while ago with the students of the electrotechnical high school “Gjin Gazulli”.