Head of the AAB College library participates in the “Cobis 2022” Conference in Maribor, Slovenia

20 October 2022

In the COBISS 2022 International Conference organized by IZUM for the 23rd time in row in Maribor,
Slovenia, the head of the AAB College Library, Urim Sallauka, is participating this year. He said that the
library of AAB College, for 13 years in a row, has cooperated with IZUM, the organizer of the conference,
while he showed details about the topics that were discussed. “The conference is about the COBISS
book catalog, which is used by Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and some libraries in
Kosovo. We were invited to this conference in order to see the possibility that the AAB College Library
be enriched with the COBISS catalog”, said Sallauka, among other things. Furthermore, he added that he
expects the content of the conference to provide new knowledge, and to address interesting challenges.
AAB College, by participating in international conferences, constantly proves the importance of
numerous cooperations, in order to promote the achievements and at the same time further enrich the
opportunities for genuine studies.