It was held the next meeting of the Governing Council of the AAB College

2 September 2016

AAB College Governing Council, under the chairmanship of President Mr. Ilir Tafa, held its regular meeting, at which its members participated, as well as management members of the AAB College.

After approval of the agenda and approval of the last meeting of the SC, the meeting went on to examine the work report of January-June 2016 presented by the Rector prof. dr. Lulzim Tafa, and other issues of preparations for the starting of the new academic year 2016/2017.

On preparing of the report, the Rector of AAB College, prof. dr. Lulzim Tafa, with vice rectors and with accompanying staff the Rector, presented accomplished activities and priority issues that have long touchstone the first half of this year as the organization of educational process, organization and preparation of teams for the protection of 25 study programs re-accreditation, increasing the number of professors, based on meeting criteria set by the Kosovo accreditation Agency (KAA), with the rank

“AAB College has completed the required number in all study programs organized at the College AAB, with academic staff entitled while since the last report in AKA, this number is also added to 52 regular teachers with this academic title said the Rector Tafa. He added that according to the AKA ranking for the number of qualified academic staff, AAB College is ranked as the second education in Kosovo after Pristina University.

“Over 70% of the learning process during the year was covered by regular staff, while we plan the academic year 2016/2017, to achieve that lectures and exercises to cover about 85% to 90%, regular staff. “said Mr. Tafa.

RectorTafa, during the meeting, quoted the accreditation of three new programs: Nursing Program- bachelor and two masters as Social and Organizational Psychology and Graphic Design, and Welfare and Child Care program, bachelor, was added to the fourth year, 180 ECTS to 240 ECTS, as well as German Centre of Competence was established, etc ..Also during the meeting they discussed the digitalization of services and the implementation of e-student portal, etc., As the earth appear real usage statistics portal from January to June 2016.The Rector of the AAB College, Mr. Tafa, along with his staff talked about the priorities of 2016 / 2017 academic year according to which the uncompromising will be working to improve the quality of studies, support and development of scientific research, support of academic staff and the Student Union etc. ..

After reviewing planned activities for the academic year 2016 / 17, a series of recommendations were given  from the Board members for further development of AAB College.