“Historia e një fotografie” The story of a picture won the award for best film

9 December 2015

At the premises of AAB College, during an open hour to students, the award ceremony of main prize awarding was held on the category of short film, produced by the students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Journalism and Production.   

Prof. Adrian Krasta added that with regards to the evaluation and prize award the following winners have been chosen by the selection commitee: the winner of the award for best producer Altin Bogiqi, winners of the award for best actor Lent Zeqiri and Ideal Berishaj, winner of the award for best actress Elona Blakaj, winner of the award for best editor Rinor Kadriu, award for best motion picture and camera given to Lorik Krajkova, the best script award given to Lorik Krajkova and Alma Cocja, best director award given to Rona Mucolli and Leutrim Krasniqi and the award for best film “The story of a picture” given to Alma Cocaj and Lorik Krajkova, the prize delivered by the ex-student of AAB College, Linda Metaj.  

After the awards ceremony the best-winning film “Story of a picture” was played. All the students, winners of the abovementioned awards thanked the AAB College, for the given opportunity and for offering the best conditions.