“The History of State and Law”, by Muhamet Kelmendi, the latest scientific book of AAB Publishing House

29 October 2015

AAB Publishing House has published the new scientific book “The History of State and Law”, written by prof. dr. Muhamet Kelmendi, with editor in chief  prof. dr. LulzimTafa.

In the preface of the book, the author says that the case of the history of state and the law belongs to the group of cases from the legal field, political and social past. It shows the causes that led to the birth of the state, namely the state institutions and law, which were created in addition to that of the private property and class division of society. Moreover, in this introduction the author states that these two areas can be grasped, analysed and studiedseparately, but may also be linked  with each other, however, the clearest meaning may be found only when in conjunction with one other, therefore,  they can be explained more clearly as the subject and the field of socio-legal science.

The book has eight chapters, 304 pages in total, while the list of consulted literature contains over 75 other scientific books.

The book “The History of State and Law” can now be found at the AAB library, accessible for to interested readers.

Prof.dr. Muhamet Kelmendi has so far published a series of research papers and titles in prestigious journals, and is a regular professor and the dean of Faculty of Law at AABCollege.