Hundreds of citizens from all over Kosovo benefited from the free health services of AAB College’s Nursing students

14 May 2019

May 12th-International Nursing Day is being marked by numerous activities from AAB College’s Faculty of Nursing. Under the organization of the management staff and students of this faculty, this week has started with volunteer blood donations, lectures and counseling on health education, and is continuing with the provision of health services for citizens of Kosovo.

Today’s activities were held in Prizren, Ferizaj, Gjakovë, Pejë, Suhareka, Malishevë, Lipjan, Podujevë, Mitrovicë, Gjilan and Kaçanik. While in the capital, in Pristina, students of AAB College offered free health services for citizens in Zahir Pajaziti Square and the Plateau of PTK, which became “improvised ambulances”.

Hundreds of citizens had the opportunity to take advantage of these services, such as measuring blood pressure, measuring blood glycemia, counseling for a healthy life, etc.

On this occasion, students and staff were also visited by the Rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa with associates, who on this occasion congratulated the students and the staff of the Nursing Faculty for the International Day of Nurses.

Meanwhile, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Idriz Sopjani, said that the provision of free health services to citizens in all cities of Kosovo is a good form of promoting health and early diagnosis of diseases. “Nursing students are already showing a great willingness to do something in terms of health education of the population. Such activities will increase citizens’ awareness of a healthier lifestyle” said Sopjani.

The Faculty of Nursing at AAB College has created a good tradition in marking the International Day of Nursing, with the purpose of preserving the health of citizens.