13 May 2019

Senior officials of the Independent Media Commission expressed their readiness to cooperate with journalism students in order to promote ethical standards of journalism, increase the quality of media reporting and protect the public interest.

At the invitation of the professor of Online Journalism, Ilire Zajmi Rugova, Deputy Chair of the Independent Media Commission (IMC), Mrs. Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Luan Latifi and the Head of the Monitoring and Analysis Division, Mr. Mirand Tafarshiku presented to the third year students of the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB University, the legal regulations of the IMC, which regulates the Audio-Visual Media Services in Kosovo, with special emphasis on the Code of Ethics. 

IMC Vice President Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi told the students that it is very important that as future journalists who know the laws and regulations governing the media, to understand the rules of ethics, respect individual rights including the right to privacy, non-broadcasting of materials that promote or incite criminal activities, non-incitement to hate speech, respect for the right to privacy of children and juveniles, etc.

Mrs. Hyseni Kelmendi, z. Luan Latifi and Mr. Mirand Tafarshiku talked to students about media plagiarism, protection of children and minors, measures taken by the IMC when audio-visual media violate the code of ethics and other regulations of the institution.