In AAB Summer Project Was Discussed On The Experiences Of Trauma And Torture And Their Psychological Effects On The Population Who Experienced The War In Kosovo

9 July 2021

The summer research project “AAB Summer Project”, this week continued with a new topic, which discussed the experiences of trauma and torture and their psychological effects on the population that has experienced the war in Kosovo.

In addition to the students and academic staff involved in this research project, invited to today’s discussion were also Ms. Selvie Izeti Çarkaxhiu from the Rehabilitation Center of Torture Survivors (KRCT) and Mr. Korab Krasniqi from the ZFD Forum.

Selvie Izeti Çarkaxhiu (KRCT) is involved in promoting human rights for all ethnic groups in Kosovo in response to the need for psycho-social support for survivors of torture and trauma during the Kosovo war (1998-1999).

In the meantime, Selvie Izeti Çarkaxhiu emphasized the individual stigmas that traumatized people attribute to themselves and social stigmas. Whereas, the findings from the research implemented by this center and in cooperation with countries such as Australia and Denmark have alluded to the phenomenon of transmitting trauma to others based on cortisol levels.

The guest of today’s activity was also Mr. Krasniqi from ZFD Forum. This organization supports people to face violent conflicts in response to the Balkan crisis. They deal in more detail with the design, development and implementation of projects in order to deal with the past.

On this occasion, students were given the opportunity to reveal the summarized stories of survivors of the recent war in Kosovo entitled: “I want to be heard” and “Beyond pain towards courage”. The latter also touches on the topic of interaction with the family, the community and the policy-making of the country.

Whereas, Professor Mimoza Shahini from AAB College, has reflected on the services provided by Kosovo for survivors of trauma and violence and has shared experiences from practical work. On the other hand, from the experience of research work has been pointed out that the wives of war veterans compared to the veteran himself and the child, are likely to have difficulties with their mental health. Therefore, they called for trauma to be addressed as a dimension and not necessarily as a categorization.

KRCT and forum ZFD on the occasion of this event, have donated several copies of two books published by these organizations “Beyond pain, towards courage” and “I want to be heard” for the rector, library and students of AAB College.

The activity is closed by leaving it to the next activity that will follow after a week.