Information session is held for AAB College students regarding the Gusseg Summer School

2 November 2023
An information session is held for AAB College students about the GUSSEG summer school

All AAB College students from the bachelor and master level now have another opportunity to explore and enrich their academic background, through participation in the summer school organized by the University of Graz in Austria.

An information session was held at AAB College with Artiola Kajtazi, assistant at the University of Graz, about the details of the application, the experience in general and the benefits that students will have from this school.

Kajtazi showed that similar organizations create unique experiences and expand knowledge among students, while making important steps in creating new societies and getting to know different cultures from the peoples of the world. She also mentioned the way of organizing lectures, seminars and recreational activities for participating students.

The application period for this summer school is open until January 31, 2024.

Details and more detailed information can be found at: