International day against domestic violence – the Student Union marks it with a special activity

27 November 2023
The International Day Against Domestic Violence - the Student Union marks it with a special activity

In order to raise awareness against domestic violence, the Student Union has organized its next activity, which was a choreographic performance prepared by the students of AAB College.

Students Erna Salihu and Enis Mulaku in cooperation with the students of the Faculty of Fashion Design have conducted their performance which was in the framework of “Spread love, not violence”.

After the performance, a panel discussion was organized about ways to prevent domestic violence, which was attended by Deputy Ombudsman Niman Hajdari, Professor Mimoza Shahini, Professor Bujar Thaqi, Blendë Pira from the YIHR organization and student Rita Imeri.

The panelists talked about the impact that domestic violence has on every aspect of life and about raising awareness on this harmful phenomenon in society.

This activity was made possible thanks to the support of the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Furtuna Mehmeti, and all the other participants.