The international scientific conference organized by AAB College and University of Beder it is closed

22 December 2016

The international  Scientific Conference from the field of communication on topic “Challenges of local broadcasters and regional face online access to their services”, was organized for the second time  by Beder University, in collaboration with the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College, and Department of Journalism and Communication at the University of Tirana and the Audiovisual Media Authority of Albania (AMA).

By presenting the works they praised the cooperation between the two institutions, which said that successful collaborations are the ones that resist the time, so such is the cooperation with AAB College and Bader University.

Vice Rector for Science, of AAB College.dr.Hasan Saliu, at the opening conference, among other things mantioned:”We consider the cooperation between Prishtina-Tirana is very important especially in the media, although this association is not at the right level of great expectations at the time when we have no obstacles to further deepen this cooperation.

Cooperation between the two centers and research institutions especially in the field of media is very important, because television apart from its structural functionalist should be viewed as a consumer product, and thus being in Kosovo consume more Albanian televisions and this aspect should be seen that this cooperation should be deepened, “said Saliu.

While prof. Mark Mark, from the Department of Journalism and Communication at the University of Tirana, in his speech said that this conference is very important because it is part of a process that AMA has opened two years ago, and is connected to a very importatant transformation in the media system of the country, related to the technological change when transformation brings the whole communication system and communication media in society.

Whereas, Ramadan Çipuri, the chairman of the conference, said that with AAB College has a good cooperation when it comes to organizingconferences, and feels honored in the role of co-organizer.

Besides the plenary session of the conference took place in several parallel sessions, which introduced a large number of participants – academics and professionals in relevant fields, among whom were members of the academic staff of the AAB College, who contributed with works and their scientific findings and debates within the conference.