International Scientific Conference, organized by the University of Elbasan, AAB College, University of Florence and of Tirana, concluded its works

13 May 2022

The scientific conference “Collective memory in literature and media” organized by the University of Elbasan, AAB College, the University of Florence, and the University of Tirana has concluded.

46 papers were presented in this conference by Albanian scholars from Kosovo, Albania and Italy, who focused especially on the collective memory from the past, and that which brings the media to the present day: the sensitivity and suffering of people, and even the tendency to rehabilitate some dictatorial figures of these countries. The Enver dictatorship, fascism in Italy, and the period of the 1999 war in Kosovo were the focus of the scientific papers which were presented by scholars at this conference.

The Vice Rector of the University of Elbasan, Edlira Fetahu, thanked AAB College (Kosovo) and the Department of Political Science of the University of Florence (Italy) for their part in the organization of this second conference.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College, Hasan Saliu, FKM has already consolidated the cooperation with the University of Tirana, the University of Elbasan and the University of Florence. “The fruit of this cooperation is the joint organization of several international scientific conferences with Tirana, Elbasan and Florence; Prof. Pezzoli from Florence last year was a visiting lecturer at AAB College, as well.” he said. Professors from the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College, Dr. Gazmend Abrashi, Dr. Ardita Reçi, Dr. Xhevahire Izmaku, Dr. Hasan Saliu et al., also presented their works at this conference.