”Interreligious dialogue, and inter-ethnic tolerance”

23 February 2017
AAB College branch in Ferizaj in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) organized a debate on “interreligious and interethnic dialogue and tolerance building including the youth”, to discuss the importance of the recognition of religions different about shared values ​​among young people, etc ..
In addition to students and academic staff of the AAB College , this debate was also attended by other young people from Albanian and Serbian, national councilor for Human Rights (OSCE) Mission in Kosovo, the representative of the Islamic Community of Ferizaj, Priest of Serbian Orthodox Church in Gjilan region and pastor of the Protestant Evangelical Church of Ferizaj.
“The debate on the topic in question showed that young people need such lectures. Additionally debate participants expressed interest for further cooperation in other projects, “said the director Medain Hashani.