With the introduction of GjirafaLab, AAB College iniciates the cooperation with Gjirafa.com

10 March 2017
The students of the Faculty of Computer Science of AAB College had the opportunity to follow the presentation of the new project Gjirafa.com, GjirafaLab.
The project is an initiative of the company GjirafaLab Gjirafa.com, with the support of USAID which aims to support new ideas and startups, in order to develop new products and companies that will help in the development of Internet-based economy.
the director of Gjirafa.com company, Mergim Cahan, said that this project will serve as an incubator and will enable programmers and young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful online business and social impact. While students of Computer Science of AAB, during this interactive presentation,the students presented the projects produced during their studies and discussed their projects and ideas that could be promoted and supported by GjirafaLab.
Cahani said that teams or individuals that are selected on the program besides the investment of the office will be offered as well as mentoring, networking, technology, support and everything necessary to succeed.