Invitation to participate in the fifth international conference on child health, welfare, education and rights

7 April 2022

AAB College and the Center for Psychosocial and Medical Research (QHPSM) organize the fifth edition of the international conference on health, well-being, education and children’s rights. This event is held to support children, who represent 34% of the population of Kosovo (Kosovo Agency of Statistics, 2018), so that they can thrive in every aspect of their lives, especially in terms of health, well-being, education and their rights. Furthermore, the purpose of this conference is to bring together scholars from around the world to present advances in the education, health, well-being and rights of children and to foster a conducive environment for the exchange of ideas and information by integrating the theoretical components with the practical. This time, the conference will focus mainly on the well-being of children due to recent developments in the world. Many children are at a disadvantage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so their physical and mental aspirations will be affected. So post-pandemic well-being and psychological recovery are the main topics of this conference. This conference aims to encourage genuine scientific debate and evidence-based policy-making by promoting children’s health, well-being, education and rights.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is April 15, 2022. For more details about the conference, click here.

For active participation, send the abstract of your work to: