Jamie Shea: ‘’I have two homes –One in United Kingdom and the other one here in Kosovo’’

19 February 2016

In a solemn ceremony at the AAB theatre, AAB College honored with International prize for Human Rights, former NATO spokesman, Mr. Jamie Shea, for the contribution in helping, supporting and rescuing refugees and civilians in Kosovo during the period from March to June in 1999.

In the presence of many invited guests, the ceremony began with the screening of a short documentary film, the work of AAB Media Production, which showed Mr.’s Jamie Shea work and contribution when the people of Kosovo were most in need.

On this occasion, the Rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa said that the presence of Mr. Shea honors all people of Kosovo. He highly praised NATO’s decision at that time to bomb Serbian forces, which he described as a decision on the principle of humanism, adding that NATO had his spokesperson, which to Albanian people he had become the voice of hope.

“Mr. Shea, 17 years after this, we have invited you here, in the new, free and independent Kosovo to say thank you and to tell you that Kosovo and Albanians will always be very grateful and will never forget you neither NATO nor the friendly nations that gave the freedom to Kosovo!”-said Tafa.

Meanwhile, the International Nobel prize laureate for Human Rights of AAB College Mr. Jamie Shea said that he would like to share this prize together with NATO’s pilots who performed dangerous operations during the bombing of Serb forces and KFOR troops that were present in Kosovo after the war.

Shea emphasized that, even though there is no need of a lot of NATO’s soldiers to be present in Kosovo he has guaranteed that NATO will continue helping Kosovo people until needed.

“With the permission of the rector, I would like to share this award with the brave pilots of NATO who carried out dangerous missions, unlike I, who defied physical risks. If you will allow me I would like to share this award also with all KFOR soldiers. During these years, hundreds of thousands of NATO soldiers were on patrol in Kosovo. Perhaps there should be so many soldiers present here, but let me t ‘guarantee, and please let me guarantee that as long as you need help on your way of a more perfect freedom, democracy and prosperity, we will be here to ‘help you, “said Shea.

Upon receiving the award Mr. Shea also said that Kosovo is independent now and if something goes wrong, then the state itself is to be blamed for this! But he reiterated that it is the duty of the international community to help Kosovo on its path, with NATO and with other relevant institutions of the international community.