Journalism and Production students of AAB College, able to attend a semester at the French University of Caen

15 April 2024
AAB journalism and production students, for a semester at the French university of Caen

Journalism and media production students of AAB College will be able to attend a semester at the University of Caen in France for free. This is the result of the beginning of the implementation of the agreements between AAB College and the University of Caen.

The details of the implementation of this student exchange were discussed in the meeting between the dean of the Department of the University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Caen, Stephane Ropiquet, and the dean of the Faculty of Communication of AAB, Hasan Saliu.

According to the cooperation agreements already signed between the two institutions, AAB College can send students to this French university from the next academic year, while the expenses will be covered by the EU funds, ERASMUS +, just as the French university is expected to send students to AAB College.

In the meeting held at the University of Caen between Mr. Piquet and Mr. Saliu, the French side has expressed readiness to also participate in the International Festival of Theaters which is organized annually at AAB College.

The Faculty of Mass Communication has so far had student exchanges with Norway’s NLA College, where several master’s students have stayed for a semester.